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Batting Partnerships

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1115 Mitch McAuley - Riley Hillyear Mill Park Cricket ClubMash Shield6 1 Thomastown
276 Adam McLaughlin - Nathan Andrews Mill Park Cricket ClubNorth Region Senior T201 1 Keon Park
363 Nathan Andrews - Julian Marshall Mill Park Cricket ClubMash Shield3 1 Whittlesea
475 Julian Marshall - Adam McLaughlin Mill Park Cricket ClubMash Shield2 1 Lower Plenty
586 Tim Johnson - Mat Chaffey Mill Park Cricket ClubNMCA - Veterans - Cosgriff Shield3 1 Preston Baseballers
637 Aaron Culpin - Anthony McMaster Mill Park Cricket ClubF2 Grade2 1 Eltham
749 Anthony McMaster - Bailey Mills-Campbell Mill Park Cricket ClubF2 Grade4 1 Bundoora United
833 Max McKenzie-Smith - Bailey Mills-Campbell Mill Park Cricket ClubF2 Grade6 1 Plenty
928 Robert Knee - Matthew McMaster Mill Park Cricket ClubMash Shield5 1 Panton Hill
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