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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubDVCA: Money ShieldDVCA: D GradeDVCA: E GradeDVCA: U12 BlueDVCA: U14 BlueNRT20: North Region Senior T20DVCA: G2 GradeDVCA: U10 Red WhittleseaDVCA: U16 Red Banyule/WhittleseaDVCA: Money ShieldDVCA: D GradeDVCA: E GradeDVCA: U12 BlueDVCA: U14 BlueNRT20: North Region Senior T20DVCA: G2 GradeDVCA: U10 Red WhittleseaDVCA: U16 Red Banyule/Whittlesea
Abhilash, Delwyn RMill Park Cricket Club000100002000100002
Addagarla, NiharMill Park Cricket Club000000100000000100
Alavi, SyedMill Park Cricket Club000000200000000200
Altham, AaronMill Park Cricket Club000000200000000200
Andrews, NathanMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
Bansal, IshaanMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Barala, ShainaMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Barar, Udhan SMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Barnard, CallumMill Park Cricket Club000000300000000300
Bawden, JoshuaMill Park Cricket Club000010000000010000
Boparai, ArmaanMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Borg, PaulMill Park Cricket Club010000100010000100
Champlin, JamesMill Park Cricket Club000000102000000102
Champlin, WayneMill Park Cricket Club000000100000000100
Chaudhary, NikitaMill Park Cricket Club000020000000020000
Chaudhary, NitinMill Park Cricket Club000000200000000200
Culpin, AaronMill Park Cricket Club030000000030000000
Dasanayaka, ChamilaMill Park Cricket Club002000000002000000
Durran, CraigMill Park Cricket Club003000000003000000
Fernandes, CameronMill Park Cricket Club011000000011000000
Geraghty, RyanMill Park Cricket Club012000000012000000
Guerra, AntonioMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
Gujarathi, RohanMill Park Cricket Club001000200001000200
Henderson, AdamMill Park Cricket Club003000000003000000
Henderson, Chris DMill Park Cricket Club000000300000000300
Jaswal, PranavMill Park Cricket Club003000002003000002
Jees, KesavMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Jees, YohanMill Park Cricket Club000010000000010000
Johnson, TimMill Park Cricket Club020000000020000000
Kalubowila, ThehanMill Park Cricket Club000020000000020000
Kandage, LisathMill Park Cricket Club000020000000020000
Kapadia, ArjunMill Park Cricket Club000020000000020000
Kaushal, AnhadMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Kitto, JarrodMill Park Cricket Club120000000120000000
Knee, RobertMill Park Cricket Club030000000030000000
Laxman, AaravMill Park Cricket Club000020000000020000
LOVELL, JAKE LMill Park Cricket Club000000300000000300
Lyon, JustinMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
MacDonald, Jake DMill Park Cricket Club020000000020000000
Mangrolia, AjayMill Park Cricket Club030000000030000000
Marshall, JulianMill Park Cricket Club200000000200000000
Marshall, KrisMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
McKenzie-Smith, MaxMill Park Cricket Club002000100002000100
McLaughlin, Adam CMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
McMaster, AnthonyMill Park Cricket Club030000000030000000
Mills, Aaron JMill Park Cricket Club300000000300000000
Milne, LachlanMill Park Cricket Club000000302000000302
Nanda, NeilMill Park Cricket Club000200000000200000
Narasimhan, VinodhMill Park Cricket Club003000000003000000
Nicastri, AnthonyMill Park Cricket Club000000002000000002